Grand Prix of Bavaria 2020

Rain, 25./ 26. July 2020

50 year of TSG Rain


Dear friends of our sport,
it is a pleasure to TSG Rain 1970 to invite you to Rain for the weekend of 25./ 26. July 2017, for celebrating six official FISTF competitions together.
These will be:

Grand Prix Kat. Open: open for alle
Grand Prix Kat. Veterans: players born in or before September 1st, 1976
Grand Prix Kat. U 19 players born after September 1st, 2000
Grand Prix Kat. U 15 players born after September 1st, 2004
Grand Prix Kat. Ladies only for women
Grand Prix Teams
WASPA tournament

If you are interested to join this event, please register until Wednesday, July 22th 2020.
If you need any further information, it would be a great pleasure for us to deliver them as soon as possible. or here
We're looking forward to see you and hoping that you'll appear in large numbers...
Yours in sport
Hans Ruf

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